Sensitivity and Boldness|センシティビティアンドボルドネス|インテリア雑貨|通販

"Sensitivity and Boldness"


センシティビティ アンド ボルドネスは、インテリア雑貨を扱うオンラインショップです。






Sensitivity and Boldnessは、次のモノに反応します。




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 Sensitivity and Boldness is an online shop for interior goods.

It started from the sale of household goods that I found in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in 2015.

I want to find things that someone's mind moves. (Excited, comforted, courageous, ideas come true)

I want to be as honest as possible in my heart, believe in my senses, and if possible, not the excitement of that moment, but look for things that can be with you for a long time.


Sensitivity and Boldness sympathize to...

"Graphic, Industrial, Vintage, Artistic, Childlike"

Sensitivity and Boldness

2015 Feb. - 2016 Apr.  Siam ERAWAN GOODS 2016 May - Sensitivity and Boldness